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Words Of Wisdom From The Cyber-Church

It's our intention to have a new "Word Of Wisdom" every week or so. Maybe more often if we get the time. If you add this to your page, it will update automatically every time we update it on our site. We have found that sometimes folks have to click "reload" on their browser though. PLEASE E-Mail us to let us know that you have added WOW to your site.

To add this to your page do the following:

1) Us a Text Editor, like Windows "Word Pad" or "EditPad".
2) Load your desired page in the Text Editor.
3) Find the location where you would like the Words of Wisdom to be inserted.
4) Open up a few blank lines (Press [Enter] from a left side border. DON'T break any existing line.)
5) Let the cursor rest there.
6) Maximize this page again.
7) Highlight the code patch below and press [CTRL-C] to Copy it to the Clip Board.
8) Maximize the Text Editor again.
9) Press [CTRL-V] to paste the patch where you had left the cursor "resting."
NOTE: WebTV users may want to change the "border=0 height=60 width=468" below to something larger for better viewing.

Be SURE to Save [CTRL-S] the page after you paste in the patch.
Then upload the page to your server.

<!--START Cyber-Church  WOW ------>
<center><a href="">
<IMG SRC="" border=0 height=60 width=468></a>
<small><small><B> <BR>
Words of Wisdom from <a href="">The Cyber-Church</a> - Click above to add WOW to your page
<!--END Cyber-Church WOW -----------------> 

If you find particular WOW banner that you would like to keep on your site feel free to copy it and use it on your site. Our thanks to you for being a part of this ministry. The past banners are located on our Banner Page.

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