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Mary Had A Little Boy

Mary had a little boy,
His soul seemed white as snow.
He never went to Sunday School,
"Cause" Mary wouldn’t go!

He missed the Bible stories,
That thrill the childish mind.
While other children went to class,
This boy was left behind.

As he grew from babe to youth,
Mary, to her dismay
Saw the soul that once seemed white,
Was turning dingy gray.

Knowing now that he was lost,
She tried to win him back.
Alas, the soul of the boy she loved,
Had turned an ugly black.

Now Mary goes to Sunday School,
And stays for preaching too.
She begs and begs the preacher
"Isn’t there something you can do?"

He tries and fails, and then he says,
"We’re just too far behind."
"You warned me years ago," she said,
"But I would pay no mind."

And so another soul is lost,
That once seemed white as snow.
He would have gone to Sunday School,
But Mary wouldn’t go!

~ author unknown

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