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This Sermon/Note Originally Published September, 1998

My Name is Tony and here is my testimony

I was born into a Christian family but it was a while before I was saved. As I told you my dad was in the air force so we travled a lot. It was hard to make friends, the ones I did make were either through adults or other friends I already had. I didn't have to many friends & the ones I did have were not Christians. Those that called them selves Christians acted like they were my friends then a few days latter seemed they didn't know me. That hurt a lot. Sometimes they would make me fell like a goof. That felt like some one took part of my life & stuck it in a blender, so I stopped trying to be friends with Christians & started hanging with non-christians.

Thats when things took a turn for the worse. I didn't get involved but was hanging out with gang members. Then I started to feel like if others can treat me like dirt, why can't I do that to them. And I did. I was hurting everyone & didn't even care. I lied, cheated, stole, & even punched others at times. I made people cry & made enemies with tons of people. My parents split when I was 11. My mom tried raising my sis. & I, & I even stole & lied to her also. Some made the comment that I was one of Satan's Child. I laughed at Christians for being stupid & not going on what the bible said. I didn't think there were any Christians. In 9th grade I went to live with my dad in Biloxi, Mississippi. That is when I really went off the deep end. That's when I hung out with a couple of gang members. A couple of times I tried commiting suicide. That November my dad retired from the service & we had planed to go to Tallahasee, Florida, but because I was mugged, we decided to go to San Antonio, Texas, instead.

That summer I stayed with my Aunt & Grandma in Dallas/Fort Worth, while my dad went to look for a job & a place to live. My Aunt & Grandma were new to the area so they didn't have a church. They found one & the first time we went, we went to Church service only. The second time we went, we went to sunday school. That week the youth were going to camp. One of the youth teachers asked me if I was going. I told him we were new to the area & didn't have much money left to spend. He said that didn't matter. So the next day I was on my way to camp. When the bus pulled up, I got my stuff, stood looking at the camp & thought this was a very dumb idea. I didn't know anyone or where to go. I finally found my cabin, made my bunk & went for a stroll to check the place out. As I was walking something extremely strange happened. A girl walked up & introduced herself. As I told you earlier the only way I met people were through adults or through friends but none ever came up to me & introduced themselves unless they were an adult.

But what was really strange was it was a girl. I was a scrawnally, ugly dude & not too many girls hung out with me. But here was this girl comming up to me & introducing herself. We talked a bit & I found out she was from the church I came with. We both said good bye & headed off. I thought, like others, she would act as if I wasn't there the next time I saw her. But that wasn't the case. She introduced me to other of her friends. At the meal times, & worship times they were always asking me to sit with them. They always invited me to hang out with them. And then I started to see real Christians. I could see Jesus in them. I had known most of my life on how to become a Christian but I didn't want to be like those others I had encountered. But when I saw Jesus working in the lives of these at camp I wanted to be like that. And that Thursday I eccepted Jesus Christ into my heart & believed in Him. And my life changed.

And I have been praising him ever since. People have asked the question, "which bible character best describes you," & I answer, "Saul to Paul." I used to be mean & hated Christians, but was hit by the power of the Lord at camp just like he was on his way to Damascus.

"The true light that gives light to every man was come into the world." - - -John 1:9

"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."- - - Romans 10:13

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who so ever beliveth in him should not perish but have ever lasting life."- - -John 3:16

I, Tony, give permision to James West to use this in his Cyber Church pages.

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Tony was fortunate. He found a Christian group that knew what Jesus was talking about when He said, "You will know My People because they have love, one for another." - When YOU find Tony in YOUR congregation or neighborhood, do you send him packing, or do you make him feel welcome? Don't answer ME, answer your heavenly Father. You're not doing it to ME. You're not even doing it to Tony: You're doing it to Jesus, Himself.

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