Welcome to The Cyber Church of Eufaula, Oklahoma Pastor, James West  -|- This Sermon Published September, 1997

In The Name of Jesus

Please read Acts 4:23-31 from your bible.

And let us notice the 29th verse:

And now, Lord, behold their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word,

I think this is one of the greatest prayers in the New Testament! Peter and John had just been before the rulers of Israel because they had healed a lame man in the Name of Jesus.

They declared the word of God to the priests, the elders, the Sadducees and the people and NOW they were released!

They went back to the Church to report:

Their prayers had been answered!

God had moved and they were free to go on preaching the Word!

They ALL lifted up their VOICE (singular) to God.
They praised God because He IS God!
He made the heavens! He made the earth! And He had made everything that is in them!

The creature acknowledged the Creator!

While the heathen rages! While the people imagine a vain thing! While the whole world comes against the Christian, JESUS WILL BE PRAISED!

And NOW LORD they are threatening us!
   We are NOT praying to be kept out of the hands of the Elders!
   We are NOT praying to be kept out of the hands of the Priests!
   We are NOT praying to be kept out prison!
   We are NOT praying for an EASY time in your service!

We ARE praying to be able to SPEAK YOUR WORD WITH BOLDNESS!
   We don't want a quite, safe ministry!
   We want our ministry to be filled with your SIGNS AND WONDERS!
   We want the people to be HEALED when we preach!

We want the power of God to come down on the people and SAVE THEM AND DELIVER THEM!

We don't preach about the government!
We don't preach about our social system!
We don't preach about the police department!
We don't preach about poverty and injustice!

We don't need REFORM, We need REPENTANCE!

We don't need a better president!
          We need a New King! Jesus!

WE don't need more money! We need MORE LOVE!

Lord, you see their threatenings, You see their hate, their abuse! Their plots! Lord, give us the strength to speak Your Word with BOLDNESS!

These were praying folks! This Church had just prayed these two out of the hands of the enemy!

They knew what was IMPORTANT! They had their priorities RIGHT!

When the kings of the earth stand up, when the rulers get together, when the whole world comes against us . . .

That's not when we need deliverance!
That's not when we need caution!
That's not when we need weakness!

That's when we need SIGNS!

That's when we need WONDERS!

That's when we need BOLDNESS!

When we stretch forth God's Mighty Hand, that all-powerful Name of Jesus, That's when the miracles will come!

We don't need to stay out of prison,
we need the Name of Jesus!
We don't need to please the world,
we need the Name of Jesus!
We don't need safety,
we need the Name of Jesus!


The Name of Jesus can COMFORT THE DEPRESSED!


The Name of Jesus can Cast out demons, clean up lives, take away drugs,


The Name of Jesus can LOOSE the Power of God on earth!
Signs and wonders will be done in the Name of Jesus!
And WE must do His work in the Name of Jesus!

So, let's get ourselves in line with the word of God! Let's get together, get in one mind, in ONE ACCORD! and read verse 31 (Acts 4)

And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.

If we can pray a prayer like THAT, this place where we live, where we go to church, where we work, where we shop, will shake its very foundation! We won't be able NOT to speak the word of God WITH BOLDNESS!

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