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This Testimony Was Originally Published August, 1999

I became acquainted with this remarkable young man, BJ Mesina when he applied to join his web site to The Christian WebRing. This is his testimony:

My life before I became a Christian was full of dangers and fears. I grew up in a Catholic family. I knew that God was there but He seems so far from me. Sometimes, like it feels like he don't even exist. Before, I thought that if I just do some good deeds, I will go to heaven. I didn't know that my works can't get me to Heaven and that only accepting Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord and following Him can get me to Heaven. Before I became a christian, I had a lot of habits like fighting with gangs, drinking, smoking, lying, cursing, and playing around with girls.

I always go home about 12:00 at night hanging around with my friends drinking and smoking. I used to curse a lot. I describe it by having a curse word on every sentence I say. I was with this gang named "Euporia Boys". I had a really bad temper. When I get angry or get mad at someone, I just start punching on whatever I lay my eyes on.

You can really tell that God has been knocking into my heart and asking for me to let him in through out this time. God knocked at my heart three times and I rejected him twice. At first, in the Philippines, my best friends Jan-Jan and Mac-Mac invited me to their church. I always go with them every Saturday but I just go there cuz I don't have anything to do at home and cuz it was kinda fun but that's about it. Nothing changed. I still curse, get into fights, get drunk smoke and still play around with girls. Second was here in the US of A, when one of my best friend, "Reddy" and his mom, "Tita Mercy" invited me to their church. When I start going there, I learned more about God. But the thing is I thought that if I just go to church and do some good things, I will go to Heaven since that's what my parents and the Catholic school put in my head since I was a little boy.

So I just go there so that I can go to heaven and to have fun since we always play football or basketball after church but that's all. I learned about God's will and more about God, but I never apply it in my life. On a picnic that we had, I met a group of Youth singing group named "Joyful Praise". They are Javee, Rachelle, Lily, and Rio. On their Youth Group kickoff, they invited me to go to their church and fellowship with them. They start calling me and asking me to go to their church on that Saturday for their Youth kickoff. I was busy watching TV at home that's why I didn't get to go. The next Sunday I went to their church since I promised them that I will and I hate braking a promises. God really is a genius. He used Javee who is my friend, in my life to help me become a Christian. See how good God is?? He just won't let me go cuz He has a plan in my life. I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at January 12, 1997 and got baptist at July 25, 1997.

I am so proud that I'm Christian. Now that I'm a Christian it hasn't been easy. Truly that being a Christian is not a bed of roses. There has been a lot of changes in my life and a lot of trials. The trials doubled up ever since I became a Christian. But it says on James 1:2-3 "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. So us Christians just have to stand firm before the Lord. We can never please everyone here on Earth. But we just have to keep our eyes on Jesus and just think about pleasing Him and not pleasing anyone else.

When Jesus was here on Earth, He didn't please everyone because He's not of this world. How much more on us? We Christians are not of this world so we should not be surprise if this world hates us or throw all of these stuffs on us. Of course no one will hate someone of it's own but hates who is not his own. We are not of this world so this world will hate us sooner or later. I really thank God for using all of these people to help me become a Christian. I failed a lot of times but us Christians just need to learn from those mistakes and get up as fast as we can when we stumble.

We just need to ask God to forgive us from our sins and he will forgive us. Now, God gave me a calling to be a Youth Pastor. God reveals me His plan for me in my everyday life. He also gave me this FIRE in my heart on serving Him. When I pray now and when I read the Bible, I really feel God's presence within me. It feels so good to be right with God. There's nothing like it. When I think about it sometimes, God is just so amazing. Just the way God has changed me is just unbelievable. God is just so good. I'm so proud that I'm a Jesus Freak !!!

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