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bible5.gif (4796 bytes)MARCH 2001 - PASTOR JIM WEST

Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

This months Cyber-Church sermon is by Pastor Jim West. Pastor Jim was the founder of At the time of his homegoing in January 2000 Pastor Jim had a  number of messages   waiting for publication. Therefore, in accordance with the Lord's leading, we are posting them over the next few months. Pastor Jim's  messages are for the most part in outline form. We will post them as he left them and trust the Holy Spirit to fill in any gaps. We pray you too will be blessed by the teachings of this Godly Saint that is now with the Lord.

God bless you and yours
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Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray!

Matthew 17:1-9
Mark 9:2-8
Luke 9:28-36

The people: Jesus, Peter, James, John

Jesus took them up into a high mountain. NOT down in the valley!

- Jesus went up there to pray! He was a PRAYING man! Once His sweat mixed with blood!
- As He prayed, His countenance changed! When a man really gets in touch with God, his COUNTENANCE CHANGES!

  • He LOOKS different.
  • He ACTS differently.
  • He IS different!

The scripture says, "Cease NOT to pray." "Ask the Father in MY name." "Pray one for another."
"The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth MUCH!"

  • Pray for Deliverance!
  • Pray for Healing!
  • Pray for your Loved Ones!
  • Pray for our Leaders!
  • Pray for Salvation!
  • Pray for Knowledge

- Jesus PRAYED! It was His HABIT!

While He was on that mountain Elijah and Moses Talked with Him. How He would be betrayed, Go before the rulers -Pilate! Be rejected by the multitude He came to SAVE! Be hung up on the Cross! Be THREE days in the tomb!

And how, RIGHT ON TIME: In God's own time! As Jonah in the belly of the fish! At the end of three days! He CAME FORTH from the dead!

- It is the resurrection that makes Christianity! It is what we live for! It is eternity with God!

And Peter always wanted to DO SOMETHING! He was anxious, impetuous He was frightened. He wanted to DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING!

"And while he thus spake" God had to interrupt him!

God was saying, "I don't want your monuments!" "I don't want your tabernacles!" "I don't want your fine Churches!" "I just want you to HEAR MY SON, JESUS!"

- And they lifted up their eyes.

We have to lift up our eyes. Get our eyes off the difficulties. Get our eyes off the doubt. Get our eyes off the cares of this life. Get our eyes off the IMPOSSIBILITIES!

- We can not trust in silver and gold!
- We can not trust in our own understanding!
- We can not trust in the preacher!
- We can not trust in the neighbor!
- We can not trust in friends!

Because man will fail! Wealth will fail! Health will fail! Possessions will fail! A house built on sand will FAIL! But a Church built on THE ROCK will stand FOREVER!

We must lift up our eyes and see nothing EXCEPT JESUS!

Jesus will take us to the HIGH MOUNTAIN! Show us things of heaven! We can see His Glory! We will feel His presence! He will touch us! And we will get HIS visions! Dreams!

We can have everything God has for us if we will "Lift up our eyes" and FIND THE MASTER!

God said, "This is My beloved Son, Hear ye Him!"

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