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This Sermon/Note Originally Published February, 1999


David wrote the eighth Psalm. It is a song of PRAISE and of GLORIFYING GOD!

David had been chased all over the country by his best friend's father.

This David whose father had tried to keep him hidden from God's prophets.

This is the David whose own son tried to kill and rob him of his throne!

Who had one son who had raped his own sister!

Who had one son who had killed his own brother!

This is David, the king of Israel.

Who had sent a soldier to be killed so he could have his wife!

David, the giant-killer!

And he looks at the sky. He thinks about how great is God - and how small and insignificant is man - And he writes - - -

Read Psalms eight:

Verse two will bring us into the New Testament - To Jesus.

In His strength: God has the power to immediately destroy satan and all the rebellious angels. All the evil!

But, He has created man. In His Own image. He wants His creation to praise, and glorify Him. God chooses to use His creatures to overcome His enemy.

Read Matthew 21:12-16

Jesus found something in the temple that didn't belong there: and He got rid of it!

The moneychangers and the sacrifice dealers were using it for their profit.

They weren't there to worship God! The weren't there to study God's Word!

The weren't there to find out what GOD wanted, but to get what THEY wanted!

For their own selfish reasons! He has said to us, "Don't you know that your body is the temple of God? AND it should be a house of PRAYER!

So, He reached down and gathered some of the cords and pieces of rope that was used to tie the animals and bind the little turtle doves. He wound them into a roll and twisted them tightly, so that they made a whip. AND HE DROVE THEM OUT!!

**And when the temple was CLEAN, the people came to Him and was HEALED!

**God's temple MUST ALWAYS be a HOUSE OF PRAYER!


**A place of refuge! Where the lost can find Jesus Christ!

**Where the blind can come! Where the cripple can come!

**Where the lonely, the destitute, the depressed can come!

**And when we get OUR temple clean, the blind and the halt CAN BE HEALED!!

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