KHANDIE'S KORNER - "January 25, 2004"

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Timely Insights into God's Word from Khandielese Reyes

I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.This Weeks Message- (scripture taken from King James Version)


“But Jesus withdrew himself with his disciples to the sea: and a great multitude from Galilee followed him, and from Judaea, and from Jerusalem, and from Idumaea, and from beyond Jordan; and they about Tyre and Sidon, a great multitude, when they had heard what great things he did, came unto him. And he spake to his disciples, that a small ship should wait on him because of the multitude, lest they should throng him.  For he had healed man; insomuch that they pressed upon him for to touch him, as many as had plagues.  And unclean spirits, when they saw him, fell down before him, and cried, saying, Thou art the Son of God.  And he straitly charged them that they should not make him known.”  (Mark 3:7-12) 

Question of the hour for every born again believer: “Are you hungry for Christ?”  Almost every believer asked this question would immediately respond by answering “YES, ABSOLUTELY!  I’m hungry for The Lord and thirsty for His word.  But, let me ask the question again while you sincerely examine your heart, “Are YOU hungry for CHRIST?”  Is it Him whom you seek?  Is it He whom you truly desire?  Or, is your hunger for that which he can give?  Is it the gifts, or the gift giver that you desire?  If The Lord were to visit you this moment bearing NO tangible gifts; If he came to you empty handed having no miracle of “healing” for your sick body; or restoration for your failing marriage; If He came having no answer for your great financial debt; or fulfillment of your hearts desires; If He were to visit you this moment having NOTHING to offer you except His unfailing love, would you readily receive it?   Or, would you walk away in disappointment because your expectations were for something other than just His Love.   Throughout the Word of God there are countless of promises of such that as many as would believe, they would receive, but what if there were NO promises other than the promise of His love?  What if there were no promises of extra blessings, of healing, of restoration, of fulfillment of hearts desires, would His love be sufficient?  Would it be enough to sustain you?  For you, would you choose his love OVER the things you seek from him?  Is HE greater than your hearts desire?  In fact, is He a part of your hearts desire?  When you seek him, ARE YOU SEEKING HIM or something else? 

During the course of Jesus’ ministry here on earth, multitudes followed Him as demonstrated here in the book of Mark, Chapter 3.  Thousands upon thousands came if only to get as glimpse of Him, and to throng him that they may even touch his clothing.  What gave him such status that the multitudes followed everywhere he went?  Was it his great words of wisdom and most profound teachings?   Was it that they knew He was The Christ, The Son of God?  Was it because He was and IS the way, the truth and the life and just being in His presence had brought joy and peace to the follower?  Was it their hunger and thirst for righteousness, their desire to learn and know the things of God?  It should have been all these reasons that they sought after Him, but sadly their desire for Him was based upon what He could give, for they had HEARD of the great miracles which he’d done, and sought Him for the purpose of receiving such in their own lives.  The word of miracles and great blessings is what brought them out of their homes and into the presence of the Lord, NOT to see Him, but to receive some gift from Him.  Just as they sought out the Apostle Paul, and Peter, John and the other disciples when The Holy Spirit had given them power to lay hands on the sick in the Name of Jesus and such recovered, to cast out demonic spirits in the Name of Jesus and they fled at the mere mention of His Name and so on, the people’s hunger were for the things that were seen, and not the things that were unseen, for what they could receive outwardly and not the benefits of the blessings received INWARDLY! 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a believer standing on the promises of God for his/her life, in fact it is a must for we cannot receive unless we FIRST BELIEVE!  However, oftentimes many get stuck on the promises of gifts and in the midst of it all, MISS the Lord.    They seek NOT the Lord, but the power of which he possess.  There is no desire to KNOW Him, but seem satisfied with obtaining only head knowledge of knowing OF Him.  Learning of his miracles, his power, his awesome abilities, but yet learning NOTHING OF HIM!  The Lord has given us the GREATEST GIFT in that he paid the penalty for our sins that we may be reconciled to our Father, and receive the gift of salvation and eternal life.  Yet, the Lord has other desires for we his children, the greatest being a personal, intimate relationship with each and every one of us.  Yes, he has other gifts to give but it is important to Him that we KNOW the gift giver PERSONALLY and INTIMATELY.  What if this was all that he had to offer, NO OTHER GIFTS except HIS LOVE?  It is like for example if you had a friend who was very wealthy and enjoy daily lavishing gifts on you.  And, every time you would come in contact with this friend, he would have something special which he purchased specifically for you.  You would receive it gladly and possibly have great expectations that when you come together as friends, you would receive a great gift from him.  Well, what if one day for whatever reason be it bad investments or the like, your friend suddenly became flat broke, had nothing, lost EVERYTHING but yet still had his character, his kind heart, and still possess great love for you, would his friendship be JUST as valuable to YOU as it was when he possessed great wealth?  Would you still desire his friendship, or would you begin making excuses for not being able to meet, to share, to fellowship together?  In all the time you would have known him, did you TRULY know his heart, what made him laugh and what made him cry.  His hearts desires, his likes and dislikes or did you only know him as a friend who ONCE possessed great wealth and showered you with many gifts?  The Lord wants to know us and desire that we should KNOW HIM as NOT just the one who lavishes the gifts, but as being THE GIFT ITSELF!   

Yes, there are many promises and many blessings the Lord desires to give to His Children, but SEEK HIM FIRST.  Don’t just see his hand with the gifts nestled in it, but see HIS HEART consumed with LOVE for YOU!  He will fulfill EVERY promise he made in His word, but “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and ALL these things shall be added unto you…” 

In closing I shall ask the question once again….. “Are YOU Hungry for CHRIST?”

I love you all so very much. Have a blessed week in the Lord and remember: Whatever we do, do ALL for the GLORY of GOD, who ALONE is worthy of the GLORY and the PRAISE!

The Lord be with you this day and always!  Shalom Uvracha (Peace and Blessings)…….. 

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh,
Adonai Elohim Tzeva-ot
Asher Hayah Va-ho-veh VaY’vo 

Holy, Holy, Holy
Lord God Almighty

Who was and is and is to come!

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Daughter & Servant
   of the Lord God
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