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	Instruction on how to add 
	the WebRing Code to your page.

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   Instruction on how to add 
			the WebRing Code to your page.

   Here you will find some things 
			to aid you in building a Webpage.

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    To add the WebRing code to your site find the Webpage Host you use and then next to it click on the page builder or Editor you use to work on your pages. Then just follow the simple step by step instruction. For a partail list of Sites that will not allow you to add the WebRing to your page Click Here.   If you have any problems with the instruction or with the ring graphics working just Email BroAndy@christring.org
AcmeCity Page Builder
Adobe Page Mill 3
Angelfire Advanced Page Builder
Basic Page Builder
AOL 3.0
AOL 4.0
Claris Homepage 3
Cool Page Cool Page Version 2.72 (works with most of the cool page versions)
Delphi Page Builder
Fortune City Page Builder
FreeServer.com SiteBuilder
FrontPage FrontPage Express
FrontPage 98 and up
Geocities Advanced HTML Editor
Basic Page Builder
Go.com Editor
GoPlay Page Builder
gURLSPAGES Advanced Page Builder
Basic Pagebuilder
Homestead Page Builder
Macromedia Dreamweaver Version 2
MSN Site Manager
NBCi (Xoom) NBCi/Xoom No Longer Host Web Sites
Netscape Netscape Central
Netscape Composer
OE-Pages Site Builder
OurChurch.com Page Editor
TalkCity Page Builder Tools
Text Editor --

Text Editor

TheGlobe Page Builder
ThirdAge Page Builder
Tripod -- Site Builder - basic
Web Express Page Builder
Web Studio Page Builder